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      Dirty Jokes, Dirty Wavs, Pranks and Gags, Links to everything wacky and crazy: including the best wavs sites. I have humorous wavs to download. I am planning to add funny animated gifs too.  Bookmark this wavs page because  I have the koolest wavs and links. So check out my site, and enjoy my humorous wavs.  Comedy at its best!
Also be warned that some wavs might not be suitable for young listeners, so discretion with these wavs is advised.  Wavs are in compressed Mpeg Layer 3 format, so if you can 't play these wavs it is because you need to download the proper codec.
Anim1.gif (27294 bytes) computonvirs.gif (3109 bytes) These wavs may take a while to download, but they are well worth the wait! Believe me. The Wavs are funny as heck!


Funny Wav Files

More Wavs For You Here!


funny wavs 01

You just won a 100 grand! 945KB
funny wavs 02 I rather clean all the bathrooms... 130KB
funny wavs 03 Monkey Whorehouse 31KB
funny wavs 04 The Big Dump 157KB
funny wavs 05 Bobbit Song: Mr. Happy was Missing 216KB
funny wavs 06 I Only Got One Ball 97KB
funny wavs 07 Don't Whiz on the Electric Fence 405KB
funny wavs 08 Farts and Burps w/ a Real Funky Beat! 151KB

funny wavs 09

A Goat's Song: What it is like to be a goat... 386KB

funny wavs 10

South Park: Grandpa Trying to Get Carmen to Kill 259KB

funny wavs 11

It's So Hard to Say I love You 86KB

funny wavs 12

Dale from King of the Hill talks about the internet 18KB

Very Best Humor Wav Links!

hot.gif (109 bytes)1. This is definitely one of the funniest and wackiest WAV  site I have ever been to.  I love this site! This site does a good job of cheering me up when I have a bad day. I give this 5 thumbs up!  They have the funniest  sounds,  photos, and animated gifs that I have ever seen.   A must visit! Also, this is my brother's kool site!!!

2. Sac Rader Index: This page got tons of wavs. Most of the wavs are in mpeg layer 3 format, which is good because the wavs are smaller and take less time to download. I give this site a 5 thumbs up for having such a large quantity of wavs!

3. This site has more funny jokes than anyone else! They are loaded with jokes. Blonde Jokes, Clinton Jokes, red neck jokes, and anything humorous that you can possibly dream up. And my favorite: dirty jokes.

4. Funny Business: A weekly humor column with lots of spunky perspectives that will keep you laughing. 


Here Are Some Kool Animated Gifs!

licktongue.gif (65268 bytes) Watch the Guy on the left and see what he does. If he isn't moving, try reloading the browser.
keep looking.....
Thanks For Visiting My Site!

billsuxtn.jpg (12934 bytes)

Look what trouble Intel went through just to  inscribed the words, "bill sucks" into their chip!  Come back Any
time!  = ) 

Here are some really funny pics:   I hope you enjoy.